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Deputy Chief of Teaching & Learning

  2019-01-16     Chicago Public Schools     All cities,IL  

The Deputy Chief of Teaching & Learning will support the Chief Officer of Teaching & Learning (T&L) in establishing a holistic, research-based strategy for school support.The Deputy Chief will manage the Resource Hub, the Districts new model for improving network and central office responsiveness and accountability. Additionally, the Deputy Chief will provide leadership support for other T&L initiatives, including implementation of the PK-12 Curriculum System, facilitation of continuous improvement cycles at the individual, program and department levels, development of directors as leaders through formalized goal setting and alignment/convergence of work across academic departments. The ideal candidate for the Deputy Chief of T&L will understand and understand how to effectively navigate the complex, fast-paced environment of CPS. The core responsibilities of the Deputy Chief of Teaching & Learning include: Implementation and continuous improvement of the Resource Hub, to affect significant, trackable improvement in teacher performance and student achievement. Partner with Chiefs of Schools to identify and coordinate deployment of differentiated academic supports based on essential data, including formal/informal needs assessments. Support the Chief Officer in managing operational tasks and processes such as attendance at Board Briefings, facilitation of continuous improvement sessions with departments, check-ins with directors, progress monitoring of strategic plans, and collaboration with chiefs across academic departments. Provide clear guidance to directors and their departments on expectations for supporting the PK-12 Curriculum System and Resource Hub. Identification of resources and partnerships that will accelerate students meeting benchmarks in SAT, PSAT, and NWEA. Ensure the effectiveness of all supports provided via the Resource Hub, including professional learning. Support the work of content specialists and directors, including planning for large-scale, district-wide events, e.g. Summit Professional Learning. Supervise and evaluate directors by modeling growth mindset, effective collaboration, data utilization and problem solving and by providing regular feedback on their individual, team and departmental progress. Provide guidance to departments on increasing student access to IB Diploma and AP Programs, particularly for underserved students. Clearly communicate the T&L priorities to network staff and principals and actively engage in dialogue with varying stakeholders to inform the effectiveness of the work of T&L. As a representative of the Chiefs of T&L, demonstrate a keen awareness of the moral imperative to work in the best interest of all children. Demonstrate high levels of instructional expertise, integrity, honesty, credibility, and the courage to make difficult yet necessary decisions. In order to be successful and achieve the above responsibilities, the Deputy Chief of Teaching & Learning must possess the following qualifications: Type of Education Required: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Masters degree in Education or related field is required EdD or Ph.D. in related field is strongly preferred Type of Experience and Number of Years: Minimum of 5 years of leadership experience within a complex educational organization is required Minimum of 3 years of school leadership experience is required, preferably experience as a principal Demonstrated experience in teaching; designing and building curriculum; developing assessments and analyzing student performance data Experience developing differentiated instructional strategies that address achievement gaps and creating, organizing, and leading professional learning experiences for teacher leaders Experience in professional project management is preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Ability to assist the Chief of T&L in articulating a vision, setting high standards, and effectively guiding schools and principals in the realization of those expectations Expertise in leadership development and instructional leadership. Ability to coach directors and managers toward excellence, build capacity of content areateams and develop meaningful and high impact professional communities for teachers and school leaders Strong communication skills (speaking - including presentations - listening, and writing) Effective strategic planning capabilities, including the ability to establish long-term vision and goals, and align/manage activities toward goal fulfillment Strong leadership and team building skills, e.g. ability to develop high performing teams united around a clear vision for serving schools and achieving student success Knowledge of operations, budget/finance, management and organizational development Ability to build collaborative relationships with a variety of constituent groups, including external partners, to ensure the entire system operates in the most effective manner possible to support schools and principals

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